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Brownsville Community Library

Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.

Who can get a card

Library cards are for everyone.   Patron must be 14 years of age or older to apply without guardian's signature.

Patrons that live in the city limits of Brownsville do not pay an addition fee for a library card.  If your address is four digits or less, you live inside the city limits.  For example 1234 Stanard Avenue is inside the Brownsville city limits. 

Patrons living inside the Brownsville city limits will NOT be charged for a library card. Cost for a library card for patrons living outside of the city limits is $30.00 a year per household $15 age 65 years of age or older.  If your address is five digits or more, you live outside the city limits.  For example, 12345 Kirk Avenue is outside the Brownsville city limits.

How to Get Your Card

At the time of applying for a library card, the patron will need to provide photo identification and proof of residence. For example, a current utility bill or rental agreement can be used as proof of residence.  A Post Office Box does not prove residency. 

Log on to Your Account

Your new Library Card has your account number.  Your default password is the last four numbers of the phone number associated with the account. You may change this after you log into your account the first time.

Borrowing Limits

Patrons may check out three items when they first use their card.  Thereafter, the limit is twenty items and no more than three by the same author or on the same topic.  Audio items are limited to five each visit.  Items may be borrowed for two weeks.  Due dates are stamped on a paper slip inside each book.  Fines for overdue books must be paid before more items may be checked out and before the patron may use the Library computer.  Patrons are responsible for all items, including overdue items, book damage, and book loss.  If you lend a book to someone and they lose or damage it you are responsible for replacement costs.


Placing Holds

Patrons may place a hold on items by calling the library at 541.466.5454.  We will call you when the items are ready for check out.


Log on to your account, search for and select the book you want then select the hold tab in the upper right hand corner of the page.  


Renewing Your Borrowed Items

Items may be renewed one time for a total of one month check out time. Additional time will be at the discretion of the Librarian.  You may bring the items to the Library for renewal, call us at 541.466.5454, email the Librarian at, or log onto your account.

Items may also be renewed by logging into your account, select my info, then select the renew tab for the items you wish you renew.  

Computer resources are available to patrons after they have read the Library Internet Computer Policy.  Children under the age of ten must be supervised by a parent.


Library Fines

Fines are $0.20 (twenty cents) per day, $1.00 per week, and $4.00 per month per item.  The maximum fine is $4.00 per item.  For example:  three items that are one week late = $3.00 fine.  For lost items, patrons will pay the replacement cost of the item.  If the item is found, the library will not refund money.  $4.00 accrued in fines will result in suspended library privilege.