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SRP EventsStory Time

Virtual Story time

2021 0618 Songs, Rhymes & More: Celebrate Flag Day (available 6/18 at 11 AM)

2021 0611 Songs, Rhymes and More: All About the Ocean (available 6/11 @ 11 AM)

2021 0604 Songs, Rhymes & More: Tillie the Bicycle Queen

2021 0528 Songs, Rhymes and More: Memorial Day

2021 0521 Songs, Rhymes & More: The Butterfly

2021 0514 Songs, Rhymes and More: Iktomi and the Ducks

2021 0507 Songs, Rhymes & More: Happy Mother's Day!

2021 0430 Songs, Rhymes and More: Mo the Mole

2021 0423 Songs, Rhymes & More: Raven Brings Water to the People

2021 0416 Songs, Rhymes and More: Raven Brings Fish to the People

2021 0402 Songs, Rhymes and More: In the Garden

2021 0326 Songs, Rhymes & More: Let's go to the Circus

2021 0319 Songs, Rhymes and More: Funny Bunnies

2021 0312 Songs, Rhymes & More: Luck o' the Irish to you!

2021 0305 Songs, Rhymes and More: Celebrating the Kitty

2021 0226 Songs, Rhymes & More: Hayden Hedgehog

2021 0219 Songs, Rhymes & More: Meow, Meow

2021 0212 Songs, Rhymes and More: Meet Ed

2021 0205 Songs, Rhymes and More: DINO-tastic

2021 0129 Songs, Rhymes and More: MOONing over so many books

2021 0115 Songs, Rhymes & More: Clickety, Clack Choo Choo!

2021 0108 Songs, Rhymes and More: New Year, Same Fun!

2021 0101 Songs, Rhymes & More: Moonstruck

Homework Help

Start here for your online research and homework help!

LearningExpress Library: Online Testing and Skills-Building for studentsLearningExpressLibrary.gif

Check out this interactive online learning site featuring over 770 practice tests, tutorials, and job search and workplace skills improvement, career certification/licensing exam preparation, college and graduate school admissions exam preparation, GED exam preparation. 

Create a personal account to get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results.

We also have an extensive collection of Web sites for younger kids, middle schoolers, and high schoolers that can help you with a wide range of subjects you may be researching for school assignments.

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OSLISOSLIS: Bringing information to students around the state.

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