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Brownsville Community Library

World Cultures & Travel

Connecting with the Family of Man
World Cultures & Travel
Photo by Don Lyon

In 1955 a collection of over 500 images from 65 countries became a traveling exhibit. Edward Steichen published these photos and dialogue in a book called ‘Connecting With the Family of Man’. Thursday evening, December 15, world traveler and photographer Donald Lyon took some of his many amazing photos and recreated a similar photo exhibit at the Library. Broken down in seven chapters he showed us and spoke about how many cultures live around the world, but we have the same basic concerns and cares. Beginning with Children: Don said, ‘To see the world through children’s eyes is a gift we can call embrace.’ Photos of Work and the Division of Labor described the traditional jobs for women and men. What does it take to Building Community? Many cultures work together to bring in the harvest. They celebrate ancestry through Festivals and community events.  Even sharing hospitality between friends and strangers helps build community. Sport and Leisure help define the Family of Man. Whether it be bike riding in the Tour of France, archery, timber carnivals, dancing, running or playing chess we form friendships participating in all sorts of sport and leisure activities. To make something beautiful or to make money Art, Music and Dance help connect us with our fellows. Art is a way of life. Kindness to all living things is a mark of a civilized country, be it horses, dogs, or elephants. Finally, Religion and the Elderly connect us with the Family of Man.

The next World Culture and Travel program is scheduled Thursday, February 16 Canadian Rockies) and March 16 (Venice and the Venetian Empire). On Thursday, January 19, the Library presents Estate Planning: Advanced Directives. Join Chaplain Wes Sedlacek as he speaks about what an Advanced Directive covers and how it is used at the end of life. We none of us, get out of this life alive. Let’s plan together how we would like to exit. All programs begin at 7 PM and are free and open to all.