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Brownsville Community Library

World Cultures & Travel

Southwest Canyons and Pueblos
World Cultures & Travel

World Cultures and Travel returned to the Brownsville Community Library this past Thursday evening. Community members chatted with each other before and after the program It was fun to hear the happy chatter back in the Library.

 World traveler and photographer Don Lyon presented Southwest Canyons and Pueblos – expressions from America’s arid lands in 10 chapters. Chapter 1 ‘Stereotypes of Arid Lands’ made us contemplate are arid lands only dry? Chapter 2 ‘Process of Renewal’ Don showed beautiful examples of colorful plants, steamy atmosphere and tectonic plates that climb over one another in mountain building only to be cut down by erosion. Chapter 3 ‘Navajo Story of Creation’ from blue world to yellow the native people moved on. Chapter 4 ‘Anasazi and their Descendants’ Anasazi means ancient ones and ancient enemies. They developed structures that were artistic and beautiful. Many of the places they lived in the 15th Century still survive. Chapter 5 ‘Navajo’. These people are descendants of the Anasazi. It is a wonderous place to visit. Chapter 6 ‘Hopi and Navajo’ These tribes have lived in balance with Nature. They believe that humans are a small part of nature. Chapter 7 ‘Strategies for Survival’ Stop and pay attention to your surroundings to learn tips and tricks from nature. The Century Plant blooms once every 20 years when conditions are right. Plants bloom with lots of pollen, many bright colors to attract pollinators. Some have sticky sides to catch wind-blown pollen. How do you adapt to harsh conditions? Chapter 8 ‘Rainbows and Arches’ Navajo called their mountains of red, yellow and orange the Land of the Sleeping Rainbow’ what an apt description. Chapter 9 ‘Textures and Patterns’ How land masses formed we can learn from mud slabs. They are formed by mud spreading across the land. It dries, cracks and shrinks. Then it starts to pull apart, much like our continents today. Chapter 10 ‘Towards a Vision of Beauty’ Looking at landscapes we may think of life. We may find we are a small part of life.

 Don spoke so eloquently of the Southwest Canyons and Pueblos, I cannot duplicate. These programs must be attended to get the full enjoyment of them. The next World Cultures and Travel Program will be held on Thursday, February 10 at 7 PM. We will armchair travel to Australia’s Wild Places. This sounds fun and intriguing. Hope to see you there.