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Brownsville Community Library

Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library.

Internet Computer Policy

Internet computers provide information beyond the confines of the library's collection. Internet computers offer a full range of the most popular Internet browser plug-ins for searching the Internet, displaying files, and viewing multimedia content. Internet computers also provide access to word processing. No station provides support for all file types, browser plug-ins, or Internet technologies.

  • You may call ahead of time to reserve a slot
  • One hour daily per person, on the hour only
  • If you are fifteen minutes late, patrons who are waiting may be given your time slot
  • Copies are ten cents ($0.10) per page, including mistakes
  • The library's computers are in a public area. Others may be involuntarily exposed to what you are viewing. The library asks that you remain sensitive to the fact that you are working in a public environment shared by people of all ages.

  • Brownsville Community Library Staff are not responsible for internet content. 

    You are responsible for complying with copyright law, licensing agreements and the policies of individual websites that you view.

  • Two patrons per terminal only, please

  • It is expected that patrons are computer literate.  We offer basic instructions only.