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Brownsville Community Library

Estate Planning

Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Wills, Advanced Directive, Funeral Arrangments, Trusts

The Brownsville Community Library is sponsoring an Estate Planning workshop this next season. Sessions include a workshop on Wills :Thursday, October 20 by local attorney Danielle M. Myers; Advanced Directives: Thursday, January 19; Funeral Arrangements: Thursday, April 20; Trusts: Thursday, TBD

These programs will begin at 7 PM in the Brownsville Community Library Kirk Room, which is located at 146 Spaulding Ave. in Brownsville, Oregon.  Local speakers are donating their time with information only. The workshop is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  No registration is required.  Your attendance and questions will be welcome.

Future programs include: Advanced Directives (January 19); Funeral Arrangements (April 20); Trusts (tbd)

For more information, please contact Brownsville Community Librarian Sherri Lemhouse at 541-466-5454 or email her at