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World Cultures & Travel India Follow Up

follow up article: Rajasthan
World Cultures & Travel India Follow Up

Last evening local photographer Donald Lyon brought India’s fabled Rajasthan region to life for 13 hopeful travelers. The beautiful palaces certainly show why Rajasthan means the ‘Land of the Kings’. Amid the holy cows and smog spewing buses people walk along the crowded city streets. The Taj Mahal was built as a testimony of love by a faithful husband. This perfectly symmetrical building was started in 1631 and took 13 years to build. It emptied the treasury to complete. The son put his father in prison and this faithful husband spent his final years in a prison that was miles away where he could glimpse the Taj Mahal out of one window.

People practice Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism and all live side by side. The highly polluted Ganges River that flows through Varanasi is sacred to the Hindus.  As a testament to their faith they bathe in the waters and even drink the water.

Impressions of the presentation include the amazing colors everywhere you look.  There are servants, soldiers and chaos.  Fortified palaces built in the 15th century with miles of walls built in a bygone era. Sculpture and mosaics as bright and colorful as the time of the Maharajas. Beautiful palaces with the princes taking business classes in hotel management. Their family homes are opening as heritage hotels. Blue houses indicating that a Brahman family lives there. The noticeable lack of tractors and other machinery. All farm work is done with bulls or bullocks and many hands.

Another well presented World Cultures & Travel presentation. Our next presentation will find us traveling to China Today and A Peek at the Breakneck Pace of Modernization; Reflections from an American Tourist’s Month-long travels. Join us on Thursday, December 13 at 7 pm in the Kirk Room with China watcher Allen Buzzard.