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Brownsville Community Library

World Cultures & Travel-Mountaineer

World Cultures & Travel-Mountaineer
Paul Winther

A small group gathered as Paul Winther presented World Cultures and Travel: Mountaineer at the Brownsville Community Library this past Thursday evening. Community members chatted with each other before the program while the Librarian tried to solve technical issues…that never happened so we went with Plan C!

Paul Winther was born in Liverpool England and came to the United States early in life. His parents moved the family to Salt Lake City when Paul was 5 years old. He got the climbing bug at age 15 when he and a friend learned about climbing from a book written in German. Mountain Climbs are classified as follows: Class 1 – Trail (walking); Class 2 Off Trail (walking, some uneven terrain, some use of hands); Class 3 Scrambling or Un-roped (Use of hands to climb due to combination of steep terrain and rocks); Class 4 Climbing (Handholds and footholds required for climbing up and down. Terrain is steep and dangerous); Class 5 Technical (Use of ropes and belaying. This class also includes decimals from 5.1 [easiest] to 5.14 [most difficult] and were expanded to include a, b, c, d, e for difficulty levels) 

For many years, Paul would climb after a workday. He lived 3 miles from Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City. His wife and daughter, Rose Winther and Kirsten, remember making a picnic dinner and going over to the canyon to watch her dad ‘the little red ant’ climb way up there! Paul climbs all year round. Many mountain climbs have taken him over 10,000 feet up. The views are spectacular at the top. He enjoys every aspect of climbing: being outdoors, hiking, the physicality of climbing with whole body. Paul spoke of one of the dangerous aspects of climbing and the importance of climbing with a partner. Ice climbs are cold, slick, and dangerous. Frozen waterfalls in the spring can become so thin that the climber can punch through the ice, fall in the hole, and be drowned by the ice-cold water. If you are interested in climbing there are several climbing clubs in our area: Mazamas Portland, OR; Obsidians Eugene OR; or the Santiam Alpine Club Portland OR.

 In our next World Cultures & Travel, Don Lyon takes us off to Lebanon Syria and Jordan on Thursday, March 10 beginning at 7 PM in the Kirk Room. The Library will also be hosting Kindness Rocks! Rock Painting Thursday, March 31 at 7 PM. Also upcoming is Plant This! Thursday, April 21 at 4:30 PM this program will teach how to plant vegetable seeds with Master Gardner Don Lyon (he’s amazing!) This program is presented with Sharing Hands and the OSU Extension Service. Please call the Library to sign up for this program, as supplies are limited. 541.466.5454 Hope to see you there.