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Brownsville Community Library

World Cultures & Travel-Australia

Australia's Wild Side
World Cultures & Travel-Australia
Road to Alice Springs

Members from the Central Linn Community gathered Thursday, February 10 as Don Lyon presented World Cultures and Travel: Australia’s Wild Side at the Brownsville Community Library this past Thursday evening. Community members chatted with each other before and after the program. It was fun to hear the happy chatter back in the Library.


World traveler and photographer Don Lyon presented Australia’s Wild Side last evening to an enthusiastic audience. Don’s tour started in Brisbane with photos of the Great Barrier Reef: an aqua Eden. During the talk we visited all corners of Australia and Tasmania. The wildlife is varied and beautiful. Whale watching is astounding but watch out for Man-o-War jellyfish. Explore this vast continent on a boat, narrow-gauge railroad, in a land rover, on foot, you can even travel by camel! Throughout you will discover ginger plantations, cattle, lots of orchids, unusual plants, trees, birds, kangaroos, koala bears, termites, water buffalo and other unique wildlife. The Aborigines have over 300 different languages. In the Aboriginal Reserves traditional crafts are still practiced. The aboriginal art is stunning. Paint is made by crushing minerals and adding water. Paint made with Hematite (Red) lasts the longest, so red paintings are the oldest. Only 7,000 miles to visit this vast continent that seems familiar but is so different from our own corner of the world.


Don spoke so eloquently of Australia, I cannot duplicate. These programs must be attended to get the full enjoyment of them. The next Library Program will be held on Thursday, February 17 at 7 PM. We will hear about Paul Winther’s adventures in mountain climbing. This sounds fun and intriguing. Hope to see you there.