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Brownsville Community Library

Summer Reading Program Week 2

Summer Reading Program Week 2

We had a fun filled Friday at the library! This was our second weekly get together and we had over 45 attendees! 

Our younger kids had story time to start their time together. Teacher Carolyn Jackson taught the class about agriculture, with an emphasis on John Deere who invented the plow! They finished with chalk art on the sidewalk! 

The older kids spent their time creating different kinds of slime. Katie Vanderstelt provided several different recipes using common household ingredients like glue, cornstarch and glitter to concoct colorful, textured, eewy gewy slime.  This was a big hit with all the kids and the time came to end far to quickly! 

Join us the next two weeks for free fun filled time at the Brownsville Library. Here is the schedule and details for those two days. 

Week Three - July 19th, 2019All ages- Our Place in Space - Join us and the U of O Museum of Natural and Cultural History for an adventure in space. 

Week Four - July 26th, 2019Preschool and younger children- Junk Art Journals - Create a story with the Junk Art you build and make, write them down with journals made from cereal boxes and more!

Preteen and Older- Join us as we create our own comics, and make projects involving our favorite superheroes!

This program is free for all children. No childcare is provided and proper library etiquette is expected.