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Brownsville Community Library

Solar Eclipse 2018

Astronomers w/o borders

Do you remember all those solar glasses you brought to the Library?

EclipseGlasses Children Argentina

Dear Sherri,

We are proud to report that we sent 40,000 glasses that you gathered from your local area to give generously to those in South America who witnessed a total solar eclipse today.

By your small effort of being the collector of so many glasses, you have reached across geographic and political borders to share an experience of a lifetime and connect yourself with somebody else who has experienced something life changing.

As for Astronomers Without Borders, our work is far from over. We are committed to sending out more glasses to countries in Asia for an annular solar eclipse happening on December 26, 2019.

Although we can't accept any more glasses as our campaign was surprisingly overwhelming, we ask that you might donate funds for us for shipping our next batch to Asia.

To read more about the journey that your glasses took, please read my blog here, take a look at our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds and consider making a donation.