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How Do you Do(ula)?
Savvy Families
Savvy Families

Last evening local resident and certified Doula spoke at the Library. A Doula is a birthing coach for the parents. Lynsey Hostetter said to think of it as helper for the mom and an intermediary with the hospital staff or midwife. She has attended births both in the hospital and at homes. Doula’s can help provide advice on nutrition, pregnancy-friendly exercise, and healthy ways to position mom’s body for sleep, work and relaxing that encourages ideal positioning of baby for birth. She is there to promote emotional health and ensure her client has birth education and is psychologically ready for birth. Before birth, Lynsey will help with writing up/designing a birth plan, meet with client’s family, help discern if it is true labor, be available for questions or emergencies and more.

During labor and birth she will be at the client’s side providing continuous support. In doing this she helps provide relaxation techniques; practical support for mom and birth team by supplying food and drink and basic tasks; suggesting movement or position changes that would help in the advancement of labor; 2nd stage coaching (pushing) if desired; and advocation with staff on client’s behalf.

After birth a doula offers encouragement to rest, restore and nourish; support at home in the first few days or weeks; help, knowledge, referrals and resources for newborn care, mental health support, breastfeeding, self-care (think exercises), and birth control.

These days some grandparents are unable to stay with mom and new baby very long. Lynsey can help by acting as a favorite aunt come help!

She has many resources and is available by contacting Lynsey by phone 907-355-4994 or email She has a website for more information The next program at the Library will be Kindness Rocks on Thursday, June 20 beginning at 6 PM.