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Brownsville Community Library

Santiam Spokes Bicycle Club Gifts Helmets

Bike Helmets are now available!
Santiam Spokes Bicycle Club Gifts Helmets
2018 Bike Helmets

Pictured are members of the Santiam Spokes Bicycle Club presenting 30 bicycle helmets to Librarian Sherri Lemhouse for the Brownsville Community Library.  The Library will make these helmets available to residents that need a new helmet. Wearing a bike helmet in a crash can reduce head injury up to 85%. The helmet must fit properly and be in good shape. Ensuring a good fit is important. The chin strap must be buckled, and the helmet should be snug but comfortable. There should be enough room to allow for only 1 finger to be inserted between the chin and the buckle. It should not tilt from side-to-side or front to back. The bottom edge of the helmet should sit 1 or 2 finger widths above the eyebrow. The straps at the sides of the helmet should form a ‘Y’ below the earlobe. If you need help fitting your helmet your local librarian could help along with the police or fire departments in your area.

‘We want our children to grow up reading and running without any impediment. A head injury from an unprotected bicycle crash is avoidable’ says Librarian Sherri. For information about these helmets or programs at the Brownsville Community Library please contact us at 541-466-5454/

The Santiam Spokes are headquartered in Lebanon. They have 100 members from all over the mid-valley.  They give bicycle helmets to the Police/Fire Departments of Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home, and Brownsville Community Library as part of their philanthropic efforts with money earned from their annual Strawberry Century Bicycle Ride.  The 26th annual Strawberry Century is coming up June 9th in Lebanon, OR.  For more information, email the Santiam Spokes at…