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Brownsville Community Library

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07/20/2018 Summer Reading Program Report
Libraries Rock!
Oregon Fossil Guy

Today we welcomed Guy DiTorris the Oregon Fossil Guy to our Summer Reading Program. He talked with us about the amazing Oregon Rock: Thunderegg. How unassuming they are from the outside, but on the inside is an amazing treasure. They are a nodule or geode not a rock. They were formed where volcanos were active. He brought Thundereggs from four different Oregon locations. As a treat at the end each child was able to take home a small Thunderegg provided by the Sweet Home Gem and Mineral Club. The children were fascinated by the different formations of each Thunderegg. It was a fun and informative program.

Next week we welcome the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History and their ‘Oregon Rocks’ program. Take off on a geology adventure and explore our ever-changing planet Earth. Dig into rocks, fossils, earthquakes, and volcanoes through hands-on activities and rockin’ specimens,  discovering the dynamic forces that have shaped Oregon’s landscape over time!