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May Librarian Report

Librarian Report for May 2018
May Librarian Report

I am excited to report that the Library will be getting a new sign. We will have a ‘Library Happenings’ sign painted with events happening through the end of the year. This sign will be placed on the back of the City Hall reader board. Community members and guests to our fair City will be able to see what is happening as they exit Park Street to Main. I am proud of our Library Advisory Board for coming up with this idea!

I attended a webinar session sponsored by the ARSL entitled ‘Building a Culture of Learning for Library Boards’ this past month. I was looking for ideas to keep our meetings vital and interesting. The speaker lined out three characteristics of a library board: 1) Expectation (what we expect from a board member and how we train them); 2) Strategic Priority; 3) An Accountability Factor. When we need a new member, we look around at who we would like to work with and recruit that person. I send out prior meeting documents and the City’s R 718 Elected Official Conduct as ‘training’. Strategic Priority encourages us to promote a culture of learning among library board and staff through monthly updates as well as promoting continuing educational opportunities. Accountability could include an end of the year Board assessment and self-assessment of how we think our board met our goals. I will be thinking about fun ways to incorporate more continuing education for myself, staff and library boards.

Everything is set for the Scholastic Book Fair (June 26 – July 5); Summer Reading Program (Friday’s of July); and Lawyer in the Library (July 10). The yearly maintenance is planned for the week of June 19 – 23 (closed). It was bittersweet to attend the Learning Tree Preschool Promotion this past week. They have been my buddies for the past year and I will miss them every other week at their special story time.

Here are a few facts about our library the month of May 2018.  We have received * new books for the library.  Volunteers donated 167 hours to our library.  There were 1,452 materials checked out.  469 adult fiction books; 171 adult non-fiction books; 106 audio books; 417 children’s books; 190 junior books; 55 junior reference books and 44 large print books.