Brownsville Community Library

February Librarian Report

February Librarian Report
Librarian Report 022018

This month the Library was delighted to host the Linn County Historical Museum in our Display Cases. The theme was Hands on History. They are planning an event this summer in August. Our display in March will be a LEGO Display. I have been collecting entries over the last couple weeks to add. On our Working card catalog staff has chosen, covered and decorated books for our Mystery Books. In this fun display we tell you a little bit about the book through hand drawn/colored pictures. You take the book home, unwrap it and enjoy a new title. Many patrons look forward to this each year. It is the 5th year we have put on the Blind Date with a Book Display.

Our circulation program has been updated from 15.0 to 15.5. I am thankful each year when this little task is complete, as there is Always a new twist. This year I spent four hours on the phone with their tech support and 15 minutes with a Level 3 tech that figured it out and had the Library running once again. To say it is frustrating is putting it mildly.

The Friends of the Library spruced up the Library landscape this month. Public Works removed the smoke tree on the corner of Spaulding and Averill Streets. Although it provided much lovely color and interest, it was a nuisance to maintain. The Friends purchased three new plants that we hope will be just as lovely and maintenance free.

New volunteer David Douglass has volunteered 26 hours and not set foot in the Library. He does this by transcribing the 2 oral interviews that I conducted in January. We now have three oral interviews on file in our History Room with a fourth waiting for final editing.

Here are a few facts about our library the month of February 2018.  We have received 61 new books for the library.  Volunteers donated 193.75 hours to our library.  There were 1,422 materials checked out.  417 adult fiction books; 154 adult non-fiction books; 177 audio books; 359 children’s books; 205 junior books; 34 junior reference books and 76 large print books.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherri Lemhouse,