Brownsville Community Library

Spring has sprung

Ever notice how our weather can be cold and snowy one day, warm, sunny and 60 then next and then back to frost on the windshield the next morning? Well. Ok. Maybe not that extreme, but it sure feels like it! I was loving the warm weather at the end of last week. We even had the windows open for a time here at the Library on Friday.

We are reading about plants and spring time here at the Library this month! St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner too! Join us for fun on Tuesday mornings at 10:15 and Fridays at 11.

                    Planting Time                           Tune: Row Row Your Boat

Dig, dig, dig the soil                    (pretend to dig)

Then you plant your seeds           (pretend to plant)

A gentle rain                                (fingers flutter down)

The bright sunshine                     (arms circle overhead)

And flowers you will see              (open arms wide)

Since becoming the cheerleader for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library Program there have been more than 15 children registered for this fantastic program since November! The Corvallis Morning Rotary Club financially sponsors this program by paying $2 per book sent out each month. This translates into about $200 per month. They have invited me to come speak about the impact of this program is having on our young children. You are invited to join me at the Osborne Aquatic Center in Corvallis on Wednesday, March 11 at 7 am. Their address is 1940 NW Highland Dr, Corvallis, OR 97330. Call me @ 541.466.5454 if you would like to come visit with members about how pleased you are to be a part of the program and how proud your children feel when they get their monthly book in the mail.

I am working on collecting Central Linn School annuals. These annuals will be digitally scanned and returned to us within 6 weeks. The Library will also receive a compact disc of the scans for future use! Today, I am sending off the first box to be scanned! If you have a copy of a different year that you would be willing to donate to the Library or loan for scanning please contact me. It would be fun to send a second box off by April 10.

Editions that will be scanned next include:

1952               Borrow

1953               Borrow

1954               Borrow

1955               Borrow

1959             Library

1964               Borrow

1965               Borrow

1966               Borrow

1967               Borrow

1970             Library

1972            Library

1973            Library

1974            Library

1975            Library

1976            Library

1977            Library

1982               Borrow

1983               Borrow

1985            Library

1986            Library

1987            Library

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