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Sherri's Library Happenings

September 17 2013
Sherri's Library Happenings

Hurray! It’s fall!. Oh my…..wait! That means harvesting, canning and digging and uggg spiders in the hallway.  Ok ok, deep breath. The vacuum will take care the spiders in the hallway, my husband will help with the harvesting and the digging and everyone will help with the canning. Ok. I can cope now.

So what’s happening at the Library? Upcoming events include RED YARN PUPPETS on Friday September 27 beginning at 2 pm. This will be a fun time Red Yarn Productionsfor all ages. Mr. Furgeson will be performing his production of ‘The Deep Woods’.  RED YARN PRODUCTIONS is a folk music and puppetry company based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2011 by performer and teaching artist Andy Furgeson, RYP creates high quality musical puppet shows and educational programs for schools, libraries, venues, and community events. RED YARN is a dynamic children’s performer, weaving live music, puppetry and interactive storytelling into engaging shows for family audiences. Whether performing solo or with the Red Yarn Puppet Band, the red-bearded bard teaches positive values while reinvigorating American folklore for younger generations. Join us on Friday, September 27 beginning at 2 pm in the Brownsville Community Library!

Mr. Lee Smith will be teaching how to research your family Genealogy. This is a hands on class that will be held on Fridays beginning on October 4 from 11 – 1 pm. Please call the Library to pre-register. Our phone number is  541.466.5454.

If you missed the Linn County Daughters of the American Revolution event, please let me know I will give you the name and phone number of the Linn County Registrar. Then you could find out if you have one or four patriots in your past! Each year the DAR celebrate Constitution Week September 15 – 21 by helping people find out if they have patriots in their genealogy. Did you know that the DAR go into schools and teach the Constitution? This is pretty cool!

The Friends of the Library have been searching for fund raising ideas. A couple that we are working on include, book bags and a Pioneer Woman Gets Dressed (or something like this). Whether they are purchased or hand-made the bags will be fabulous! Once again I forgot to keep my lips sealed and volunteered to be the pioneer woman. If we are to pull this event off successfully, I will need the accoutrements of a pioneer woman as if she were getting up to walk across the Oregon Trail from undergarments up. If you have any and would like to loan them to us, I would sure appreciate it! Or better yet, do you know someone who has done an event like this in the past and would like to donate their time to help us raise funds for our FABULOUS Library?

We will have a Halloween/Harvest Party for the children again this year on Friday, October 25… AND WE WILL BE OPEN for trick or treat until 7 pm on Halloween night! Wahoo! Such fun times are headed our way.

The kids are back in school and Story Times are going well on Tuesday at 10:15 am and Fridays at 11. Ms. Thea has brought us some fabulous craft ideas. I miss the older children at Story Times, but know that they are learning so much in Kindergarten and beyond! This month we are talking about Fall. Topics include falling leaves, acorns, apples and autumn colors. Did you know that children learn so much when we sing to them? Try these songs in the car and at home with your little ones. They love repetition!

Autumn Leaves are Falling Down    

Tune: London Bridge

Autumn leaves are falling down,            (Flutter fingers down)

Falling down, falling down.

Autumn leaves are falling down.

We love autumn!

Take a rake and pile them up,                (pretend to rake)

Pile them up, pile them up.

Take a rake and pile them up,

We love autumn!

Jump in them and toss ‘em around,       (pretend to

Toss ‘em around, toss ‘em around.         jump and toss leaves)

Jump in them and toss ‘em around.

We love autumn!

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Library soon!

“Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.” ~ Neil Gaiman