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October Sherring Books

History Room Update
October Sherring Books

Come see what wonderful changes we have made in the History Room! Last Friday afternoon, Library Volunteer Claudia Douglass came to me with an idea. As you can see in the photographs, it has worked out fabulously.

The most noticeable feature of the History Room is 110+ years of The Times hardbound. Our first issue is from 1893. Most of these issues were hardbound through a partnership between Leo Haney, Don Ware and the Friends of the Library.  The past couple years the owners of The Times, Vance and Holly Parrish, have donated a bound copy of the previous years’ news for patron use.  This is greatly appreciated. It is wonderful to see these volumes lining up in neat rows along the wall.

The Brownsville Library History Room is full of sources and resources. The Oregon Historical Quarterlies were out of view in the past. Now these volumes are sitting proudly on the shelf in their navy blue coats. Theses volumes can be used in the library for anyone looking into the Oregon Past. These volumes begin in 1900 and are cross-referenced by name of person, place or business. Ideas for use include genealogy research, business trends, or research for the book you have always wanted to write. Did you know that as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) Project during the 1930’s Mr. Leslie Haskin talked with many people in our community and transcribed these interviews? What a fascinating bit of history! These too are cross-referenced for ease of use.

Over the years, Mrs. Douglass has continued to collect interesting bits of information about pioneer families, historic homes, clubs, events, our town, county and state. Volunteer Lee Smith is currently teaching a Genealogy How-To Class on Friday morning beginning at 11 am. This class is designed to teach people how to research genealogy. Space is available, please call the Library to register.

We have many more sources and resources available for perusal at your convenience. Come to the Library for your own personal tour! We love talking about the exciting changes happening here!