Brownsville Community Library

October Happenings

Librarian Sherri invites you to Story Time

October is has arrived! I hope you were able to get outside this past weekend and enjoy the sunshine! The leaves are falling and the sun is becoming suspiciously absent more often. Tuesday mornings we meet for a short story time here at the Library beginning at 10:15 then lucky people get to go to the Brownsville Rec Center and run, run, run at Parents and Pals play group.

Magic Pumpkin CraftWe follow up this fun with Friday Story Time at 11 am. This is followed by craft time with Mrs. Thea! Last week we practiced our magic abilities by learning about wax resist on pumpkin faces. Such a great time was had by all!

We are having a Children’s Halloween Party on Friday October 25 from 11 – Noon. Come in costume and share in this great time! The Library will be open until 7 pm on Thursday October 31 for Trick or Treat time. I will also have a self-directed craft available for those who would like to stay and have an impromptu party! Spooky music will be playing, treats will be handed out and Librarian Sherri will be in costume too!

Try a couple of these fun activities with your children. These are activities that will help them be ready to read when it is time.

The sense of rhythm obtained from listening to songs and rhymes will help your child to identify patterns, like rhyming words, which will help them learn to read. Because songs automatically break down words into smaller sounds through tones, singing with your child is one of the best ways develop early literacy skills. Sing familiar songs about the farm such as “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb ” and “ Old Macdonald”. Try some new ones too (on following pages).

Before children can learn letters, they need to be aware of shapes. Look at pictures of a farm and see how many different shapes you can find, or put together a farm puzzle taking notice of how the shapes fit together. Look around the house and see what different shapes you can find.

Or sing these songs together!

Autumn Leaves are Falling Down     Tune: London Bridge

Autumn leaves are falling down,            (Flutter fingers down)

Falling down, falling down.

Autumn leaves are falling down.

We love autumn!

Take a rake and pile them up,                (pretend to rake)

Pile them up, pile them up.

Take a rake and pile them up,

We love autumn!

Jump in them and toss ‘em around,       (pretend to

Toss ‘em around, toss ‘em around.         jump and toss leaves)

Jump in them and toss ‘em around.

We love autumn!

Acorn song

I’m an acorn small and round
lying on the cold cold ground
everybody steps on me
that is why I’m cracked you see

I’m a nut ch ch
I’m a nut ch ch
I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m a nut ch ch

Called myself on the telephone
just to see if I was home
asked myself on a little date
pick me up by half past eight

I’m a nut ch ch
I’m a nut ch ch
I’m a nut I’m a nut I’m a nut ch ch