Brownsville Community Library

Summer Reading Program

Week 2 Ag in the Classroom!
Summer Reading Program

This week we were fortunate to include Carolyn Jackson as our guest reader. She brought, read and donated a copy of Before We Eat; From Farm to Table by Pat Brisson Illustrated by Mary Azarian. This book is donated by Oregon State University Ag in the Literacy Project (AITC). The goal of AITC’s Literacy Project is to improve both the reading and agricultural literacy of Oregon students in grades K-5. Each year a new agriculturally-themed book is chosen and a lesson is developed that reinforces the message of the book. Then hundreds of enthusiastic, trained volunteers bring in-class field trips to classrooms throughout Oregon. 23 children were at the Library to enjoy our new book and make a dream catcher craft that was designed by Ally Maser. Using supplies from the Library Park and elsewhere the children wove circles out of willow branches. They tied string to this circle and affixed leaves and other treasures found on a scavenger hunt. There were many smiling faces afterward.

The Tween group met with Ms. DeEtte and learned about muscles and bones. They discussed how to use every day items like soup cans as weights. They did a five minute workout. Then made fun cube figures. Nine children then discussed the many different ways to exercise at home with things already in the house.

Next week we welcome Entertainer Rich Glauber. Mr. Glauber brings his high energy to every performance with interactive songs, comedy, instruments, props and more! Our Summer Reading Program begins at 11 am – Noon each Friday in July. For more information, please call 541.466.5454.