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Sherring Books
Blind Date With a Book

Spice up your reading life by going on a blind date, with one of our specially wrapped books. Library Volunteers have chosen some of their favorite books and we have wrapped them in brown paper packaging and colored them with pictures giving a clue of what the book is about. There are books for ages 8 and up available for immediate check out. We ask that when you check out one of these books you take it home and show it your favorite reading place. Share a cuppa and maybe a cookie, but be careful not to get any on the pages! That would be the same as spilling on her new dress or his nice white shirt. Read at least 50 pages (or the whole thing) and return it to the Library! I am sure you will find your choice will surprise you in many ways. This is the second year we are featuring blind date books here in the Library. This fun activity will continue through the month of February. The idea was presented to me by a patron. She had seen it somewhere else and said it might be fun to try here. What has been pleasurable to watch are the young volunteers decorating these books. Watching their ideas take form and then transfer them onto paper. I think they have had the most fun adding a little glitter glue at the end to give the cover a splash of glamour!

As January slips into February we continue to greet our youngest patrons at Library Story Time. We have two each week. Parents and Pals meet Tuesdays at 10:15 am here at the Library Story Time. This is followed by a free playgroup in the Brownsville Gym. On Friday from 11 – noon, Ms. Thea charms us with stories, songs and rhymes. She then amazes us with original crafts.

On Tuesday, March 7 the World Cultures and Travel series continues with local --photographer Don Lyon. This session entitled Pueblos & Canyons: Expressions from America's Arid Lands. World Cultures and Travel series visits the red rock country, Land of the Sleeping Rainbow, Deserts in Bloom - colorful names that  conjure up the Southwest and lead us to Navajo/Hopi creation myths, strategies for survival by plants, animals and man. Images and live narration by the photographer. The presentation begins at 7 pm on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 in the Kirk Room at your local library.