Brownsville Community Library

Library Advisory Board Minutes of April 12, 2012

Library Advisory Board Minutes of April 12, 2012

Library Advisory Board DRAFT

April 12, 2012

            Members of the Library Advisory Board met this day in regular session at the Brownsville Library in the Kirk Room, Brownsville, Oregon, at 4:00 PM.

Present: Chairman Pat Biesinger, Joey Running, June Schlosser, Sandra Weingarten, Librarian, Sherri Lemhouse, and City Administrator Scott McDowell.

Absent: None

Public: None

Presiding: Pat Biesinger

            Mrs. Biesinger called the meeting to order.  As a first item of business Mrs. Running made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 8, 2012 meeting as presented by recording secretary Sherri Lemhouse. Mrs. Reinemer seconded the motion. The minutes were approved by all.

            Librarian Sherri reported that the Library will be closing the week of June 19 – 23, 2012. It will be reopening on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Volunteer Chenoweth Robertson has entered over 4,600 records of the Leslie Haskin Cemetery Surveys. Volunteer Leah Stevens is progressing on the full inventory. The Library was closed on Wednesday, March 21, to power outages caused by snow. The Summer Reading Program (SRP) is gearing up. Coordinator Sarah Glenn has engaged the Arrieu Wind Quintet and we will be playing a family program called "Musical Stories." Classic stories like Peter and the Wolf and The Pied Piper will be presented with narration and music by this talented ensemble from the Eugene Symphony.  This group will be performing at Pioneer Picnic as our Kick-Off Event Saturday, June 16 at 12:30 pm. Formal SRP Registration begins June 26th. July 6 we are planning to tie-die t-shirts with the participants. Participants will need to provide their own pre-washed t-shirt. Volunteers are needed for this event. Friday, July 13 we are making Dream Gardens and again need volunteers for this event. The Oregon College Savings Plan is giving us a performer – Rhys Thomas will bring Jugglemania to the library on Friday, July 20. The SRP is looking forward to Art with Alice Tetamore on Friday, July 27. Mrs. Glenn is putting together SRP programs for the first two weeks in August. Librarian Sherri received a letter from the Linn Genealogical Society about making copies of Linn County digitized newspaper images. It was determined that this was a form letter and does not apply to our library. The Brownsville Community Library does not have any CD’s with these newspaper images.

 City Administrator, S. Scott McDowell gave board members an update of the following: The South Oak Project will be completed before the end of this fiscal year. This waterline replacement and street paving project has been much anticipated. The new Pioneer Park Restroom has had a setback in the form of needing to get proposals that include the prevailing wage. This will increase the cost of the 516 square foot restroom from $75 – 90 per square foot to $180 - $190 per square foot. Mr. McDowell requested board members to help let community members know that as effective as putting rocks or rip rap to stabilize the Pioneer Park river bank would be, it is illegal and it will not happen. The Calapooia Watershed Council installed two stabilization projects last summer. These both failed during the winter. City Council has tabled this issue for the October or November meeting. The Calapooia River Crossing is a damaged waterline that crosses the river at the park. City staff are waiting for the river to recede about 9 feet to determine where this waterline is broken. There are a lot of ifs connected to this project. If Part A is broken, then it would cost over $400,000. If Part B is broken, it would cost over $200,000. If a new waterline is put in it would cost $500,000. All of which there are eligible for 75% reimbursement funding from FEMA. The City will budget for entire amount, pay for project. FEMA will then reimburse the City of Brownsville.

Guest Don Ware spoke at the meeting briefly as the liaison of the Brownsville Community Foundation (BCF). He announced that the BCF has given funds to each grant application it received. Librarian Sherri applied for a grant from the BCF and has received a $150 grant to purchase a Cricut Machine for the library. Board Member Mrs. Reinemer said that she would donate an additional $50 towards this project. All present thanked Mr. Ware, BCF and Mrs. Reinemer their gifts.

The time has come for nominations for the Library Advisory Board Chairperson. Mrs. Schlosser nominated Mrs. Running as Chairperson. Ms. Weingarten seconded this nomination. Mrs. Running accepted the nomination. All members voted to welcome Mrs. Running as the new Library Advisory Board Chairperson. Mrs. Schlosser expressed her appreciation and thanks to retiring Chairperson, Pat Biesinger for her most competent and faithful service for the past several years.

            There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned by incoming Library Advisory Board Chairperson Joey Running.