Brownsville Community Library

Library Advisory Board Minutes

January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017

             Members of the Library Advisory Board met this day in regular session at the Brownsville Library in the Kirk Room, Brownsville, Oregon, at 4:30 PM.

*Present: Joey Running, Kristin Whitehead, Gwen Landon, Barbara DeRobertis, Librarian Sherri Lemhouse, City Administrator S. Scott McDowell, and Administrative Assistant Jannea Deaver.

 Absent:  Jennifer Ashcraft

 Public: None

 Presiding:  Joey Running

             Mrs. Running called the meeting to order.  As a first item of business Librarian Sherri Lemhouse presented a Proclamation recognizing and congratulating Mrs. Patricia Biesinger on her volunteer efforts and contributions to the City of Brownsville. Mrs. Biesinger has served at the Library as a front desk volunteer, on the Library Advisory Board and as chairperson; on the City Board of Parks and Open Spaces; with the Linn County Historical Museum as Moyer House docent and actress in Carriage Me Back; with the Brownsville Art Center by creating the Volunteer Coordinator Position and then serving in that position from 2012- 2014.

 Mrs. Landon made a motion to approve the minutes of the December 8, 2016 meeting as presented by recording secretary Sherri Lemhouse. Ms. Whitehead seconded the motion. The minutes were approved by all.

             Librarian Sherri reported that the internet and wi fi at the library are in working order again. Computer issues are on the job training opportunities. Many IT persons I have spoken with say there is no class that you can take to help business owners through these tough issues. When I began, I would not have attempted to self-correct the system. Today I try many tricks before I call for help. Volunteer staff have new name tags to begin the year. They are reversible with different colors on each side and I have included the year staff began volunteering. It is exciting to see the years build volunteer experience in the Library.

 Here are a few facts looking back on 2016:

Books Circulated 2016/15,916 books; 2015/16,529 books; 2014/17,294; 2013/16,114; 2012/15,981

Patrons 2016/282 Patrons; 2015/147 Patrons; 2014/119 Patrons; 2013/122 Patrons

Books purchased 508;

Volunteer Hours 2016/1,885 hours; 2015/1,785 hours; 2014/1,699 hours

The City Administrator reported that there is one more project to be completed at the Library and it is the roof. Staff will be preparing to see this project finished. Mr. McDowell appreciated Librarian Sherri’s tenacity on working through the computer issues of late. The purchase for new patron computers may be postponed until next year. The voters approved marijuana to be sold here in Brownsville. Staff is working with the State of Oregon to allow a local business to open.

Mrs. Running asked Mr. McDowell to comment on how LAB members should present themselves in the community. LAB Members are responsible to the City as an advisory committee. Always be aware of what you are saying reflects on the City. Refer questions to Mr. McDowell for correct City information. The City wants everyone to know what is happening in the City, but correct information is most important. The City has assets for a town of 4,000, not 1800. There are some tough decisions to be made in the future about how to use and take care of these assets.

 There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

 The next meeting will be Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 4:30 pm in the Kirk Community Room at the library.