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Learning about Learning Express

“Elementary, my dear Watson.” Holmes replied.  Sherlock Holmes had great mental acuity.  My question is how can I develop the skills to solve the mystery?  Developing critical thinking skills is a start.  One way to do this is to improve math skills with the help of Learning Express.  Start at the Brownsville Community Library website:  Scroll down to the Learning Express icon and click on the yellow light bulb.  Each patron will get started by establishing an account.  Easy Peasy.  User name, password and an email account are all that are required.  An email account is requested in case you forget your password or user name. 

The Learning Centers are broken down into many different helpful areas.  Today I would like to tell you about the Elementary Center.  The math center helps to build seven skills.  They are algebraic thinking and patterns, data analysis, probability, geometry, number sense and multiplication practice.  The Reading Skills Center concentrates in reading comprehension of informational, narrative, persuasive and poetry text.

Learning Express states that “This comprehensive preparation guide for the fourth grade assessments is a must for all successful fourth graders and their parents... more info

Fourth grade is an important milestone in your child's education. Every fourth grader is required to take mandatory state assessment tests, and these tests may have more of impact on your child's educational future than you are aware of. As a parent you are concerned about your child's success—but how can you help? Let Getting Ready for the Fourth Grade Assessment Tests be your guide! This invaluable resource is for all parents of fourth graders, and can give your child a decisive edge at test-time. Getting Ready for the Fourth Grade Assessment Tests contains:

  • Outlines of your state standards for fourth grade math and English
  • A listing of assessment tests—including a timetable of dates
  • Sample exercises in math and English for your child
  • An answer key and a complete scoring explanation guide to enhance parent participation
  • Sample essays based on typical reading comprehension passages

Plus, you'll find hints to that will help to build your child's self-esteem and confidence!” 

Visit your library website and click on a learning opportunity today.