Brownsville Community Library

June 9, 2016 Library Advisory Board Minutes

June 9, 2016


            Members of the Library Advisory Board met this day in regular session at the Brownsville Library in the Kirk Room, Brownsville, Oregon, at 4:00 PM.

 *Present: Chairperson Joey Running, Jennifer Ashcraft, Kristin Whitehead, and Librarian Sherri Lemhouse, and Administrative Assistant Jannea Deaver.

 Absent:  June Schlosser

 Public: None

 Presiding:  Joey Running

 Mrs. Running called the meeting to order.  As a first item of business Mrs. Whitehead made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 31, 2016 meeting as presented by recording secretary Sherri Lemhouse. Mrs. Ashcraft seconded the motion. The minutes were approved by all.

 Librarian Sherri reported that on April 14, 2106 Mrs. McConnell submitted her resignation to the Library Advisory Board (LAB). At the May 2016 meeting the Brownsville City Council directed the City Administrator to advertise for a new LAB member. The Mother’s Day Story Time went very well. Ms. Thea, Story Time Lady, out-did herself. We had some very happy children and parents take home a one of a kind work of art. The Summer Reading Program (SRP) is gearing up for lots of fun this summer. Our supplies are laid in and advertising is sent out to newspapers and school. The Pioneer Picnic Kiddie Parade Entry is ready to roll out and Travis Docktor will be the Kick off performer at the Pioneer Picnic on Saturday. It will be a great series of programs. The Library will be closed the week of June 22 – 25 for maintenance. On a sad note, the circulation computer crashed on May 10. There was an unusual phenomenon that caused the City to purchase a new high performance computer. It took a week of limping along to get the new computer up and running. The Library is participating with the Central Linn School District, local preschools and other groups to host a summer time preschool fair called ‘got preschoolers?’ This is planned for Thursday, July 22 at 10 – noon in the City Park Pavillion.

 City Administrative Assistant Mrs. Deaver reported that the Budget Committee has finished. They set aside funds for a new roof for the library and new public computers.

 On the final discussion of the Oregon Library Passport Program (OLPP), Mrs. Running said she contacted the Harney County Library (HCL). The librarian she spoke with said that the OLPP does not get a lot of use. HCL also charges $20 deposit to use OLPP.

Mrs. Ashcraft reported that the Newberg and Newport libraries. They both serve an area of about 18,000 patrons. In Newberg, the librarian was very willing and happy to talk about the OLPP program. They have been a member for 3 years (since the inception of the program). She said that about 50 people take advantage of the program. It has not had a large impact on the library. She mentioned that even the smaller libraries have between 3 to 5 people that take advantage of the program (at the most). It is easy, doesn't cost much. When a patron does return materials that should be returned to another library, she will hold on to them long enough for them to receive the $5.00 fine and then she will return them to the loaning library. She does this because she feels the materials need to be returned and the patron needs to learn to follow the rules of the program. They have not had too much of a problem getting their materials back that others borrow. In Newport they serve again about 18,000 patrons. Out of City residents pay $55.00 to have a library card and be able to participate in the OLPP program. They only allow for 2 materials to be checked out with the OLPP passport with the understanding that the materials are to be returned to the location from which they are borrowed. Again, they feel that not many items are lost and have been members for 3 years as well. She doesn't feel that many people take advantage of it. It is inconvenient for many people to drive to borrow and return materials unless they work in the area. She didn't have the data to know if this negatively impacted their library.

 Mrs. Whitehead talked to the head librarian of Cottage Grove who has been there about a year. Prior to being at Cottage Grove, she was the librarian for Forest Grove for years. She had information on how the program is utilized at both locations. At Cottage Grove, they have not had any issues with the program because it isn't really utilized by patrons. She has yet to issue a passport to any of her patrons at Cottage Grove because no one has asked. For the outside members who use their library, they haven't had any issues with returns. They also haven't had any issues with losing patrons or circulation because of the program at either library. Forest Grove uses the proram a lot more in her opinion. She said that the program is set up really well and there are people who use the program a ton there. She had not seen any abuse or issues of the program during her time at both libraries. She did mention that a lot of patrons of Forest Grove and Vernonia use their passports at each other's locations. So I called Vernonia...and spoke with the head librarian there, Shannon. Vernonia is a small town like us that also has a stand-alone library. She was amazing and worth calling back if we have any further questions. They actually are working on some tweaks with the program their library board is currently working on. In the end, I think the program sounds really cool because I am passionate about people having access to as many books as they can. That being said, there are logistics to figure out. If the library decided to pursue the program, I would recommend rolling it out in the fall (when we return from hiatus) so we could work on the rules of use for the program before the roll out.

 Librarian Sherri pointed out that most of the libraries spoken with have a Library Director and two or more paid staff. Our library has not even a full time librarian (.7) and an almost all volunteer staff. Members decided to stand with the Librarian’s decision not to participate in the OLPP.

 Mrs. Running nominated Mrs. Ashcraft as the 2016-2017 Library Advisory Board Chairperson. Mrs. Whitehead seconded the motion. The motion was approved by all.

 There being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

 The next meeting will be Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 4:30 pm in the Kirk Room at the Library.