Brownsville Community Library

January 2013 Librarian Report

Library Advisory Board

Librarian's Report                                                                           January 2013

January fog and low clouds tend to make me feel down in the dumps. One day at the library I was feeling just this way. I got to thinking that our circulation was going down and folks were reading more digitally. In the first six months of this fiscal year our library has hosted 53 children’s programs with 381 participants and 30 adult programs with 225 participants.

Still feeling blue, I started looking at circulation numbers over the past three years. Here’s what I found for the first 15 days of January:

Year    2007            2008             2009             2010             2011             2012             2013

Books 411              NA               488               582               529               647*             563

*2012 was the first year of our new circulation system. I think this number does not reflect the accurate number of books checked out. In the past seven years our circulation has risen over all by more than 150 books or 27% growth. What does this mean for us? Our community is still reading books that come from our friendly library. There are some readers that have switched to digital books, but many that come and proclaim the printed word. And praise our city for such a lovely library! I have searched for creative ways for community members to volunteer, including being guest readers at Story Time, running a crafts segment, genealogy/history room projects and running the front desk.

Here are a few facts about our library the month of January 2013.  We have received 36 new books for the library.  Volunteers donated 170.25 hours to our library.  There were 1,316 materials checked out:  526 adult fiction books;  156 Non-fiction books; 118 large print books; 177 children’s books; 189 junior books; 22 junior reference books and 128 audio materials. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sherri Lemhouse,