Brownsville Community Library

February 2013 Librarian Report

Our Display cases have been full of history this month. Our display coordinator, Rhoda Fleischman arranged with the Linn County Historical Museum to set up a display. Ashley Sharrat, Museum Coordinator brought over toys that children played with years ago. Some of them looked familiar! Many patrons took a moment to stop and read the information about these bygone items. In March we welcome our popular Lego Mania display. Local children bring in their creations for us to look and wonder at. I am always amazed at their creativity and patience.

In February, our library has been host to 8 programs for children with 98 people attending. We hosted 7 programs for adults with 39 attendees. These programs included the popular Genealogy classes, Stitchery group and book club.

Here are a few facts about our library the month of February 2013.  We have received 77 new books for the library.  Volunteers donated 135.5 hours to our library.  There were 1,010 materials checked out.  384 adult fiction books; 132 adult non-fiction books; 107 large print books; 119 children’s books; 155 junior books; 35 junior reference books and 78 audio materials. 

Respectfully submitted,

Sherri Lemhouse,