Brownsville Community Library

December Librarian Report

Librarian Sherri highlights Library business

January 2015

 Here are a few facts about our library the month of January 2015.  We have received 48 new books for the library.  Volunteers donated 102 hours to our library.  There were 1,330 materials checked out.  442 adult fiction books; 153 adult non-fiction books; 92 audio books; 285 children’s books; 268 junior books; 39 junior reference books and 51 large print books.

 The following are a couple of interesting title choices that were purchased this month. Gut by Guilia Enders. This book is about the human digestive system. This book was recommended by Nan VanSandt at a service group meeting I attended. I have been adding travel guide books through donations. Destinations include many destinations in the United States, China, and countries in Europe. The Critter Club book series has been very popular among younger junior readers. I have brought in other series along the same lines to keep our next generation engaged and reading. With the new Star Wars movie release, we added an Eyewitness Book about the new characters and creatures. The children have been enjoying the new Llama Llama series book Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa by Anna Dewdney. Purchasing books for such a diverse group of readers keeps me challenged to find just the right book for all patrons .

 The Summer Reading Program Team met this month and put together a tentative schedule for our youth. Participation has in these programs have been very positive. This summer we will be holding contiguous programs for children and older kids. This will allow all children to participate in the appropriate program. Also the parents with children in the two different programs will be able to enjoy their Friday afternoons.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherri Lemhouse,