Brownsville Community Library

2014 Parents and Pals Egg Hunt

A Success!
2014 Parents and Pals Egg Hunt


On the morning of April 15, something special was added to the customary Parents & Pals/Library Story Time. After Librarian Sherri Lemhouse read special stories to 16 pre-schoolers and their moms, all went outside to hunt for the plastic eggs that had been hidden by the Parents & Pals Program Director, Sarah Curtis, and her two children Amelia and Eleanor.

After the young hunters captured their eggs in the special paper “egg sacks” they had decorated with the supplies provided by Sarah, they returned to the reading room where they traded them to Sherri for a special Fruit Snack. “What a wonderful community project Story Time is,” remarked Sherri with a big smile on her face as the children were leaving. “These kids are learning at a very early age that the library and learning can be fun. It’s a great experience.”

Parents & Pals is a program of Sharing Hand for pre-schoolers and their parents. It meets weekly for play groups and parent sharing. All are welcome. Call Sarah Curtis at 541-466-3259 or 531-401-2656 for more information.