Brownsville Community Library

07102015 Summer Reading Program

Recycling with Ms. Thea and Sweet Home Sanitation
07102015 Summer Reading Program

Friday morning at the Brownsville Community Library. 46 children and parents learned about recycling. One story particular that Ms. Thea read was 'The Leaf Man.' Storyteller and artist Lois Ehlert uses a variety of found leaves to create unique pictures of the Leaf man's visit in the fall. Following storytime, Ms. Thea helped us change recycled soup cans into works of art. Using Modge Podge and napkin products we covered our can to store a variety of items inside. Being the creative recycled that she is, Ms. Thea had made a tin can wind chime, an
old fashioned can telephone, and a tiddley wink game complete with plastic bread ties and tiny ice cream spoons to use as game pieces. All these items and more had been beautifully
decoupaged. The coup de gra of the morning was having Garbage truck driver Rod and his boss Brian visit with a recycling truck! Each participant got to sit in the driver's seat, too.  Brian handed out sheets explaining what can be recycled led with Sweet Home Sanitation and what can not. Parents said this is a helpful tool.
In the afternoon, Ms DeEtte introduced Mr. Brian of Sweet Home Sanitation. He explained in more depth why recycling is  important to our environment. Afterward, using recycled small
boxes, straws, balloons and milk and bottle cap wheels, participants designed and built balloon powered cars. With only a half hour to finish, they then raced each other for fun. Ms.
DeEtte rewarded them with individual awards including Fastest car, Sportsmanship and many more. Each driver received a participation ribbon too.
Coming up on Friday, Ms. DeEtte will help us, create a sculpture in clay of our favorite animal hero. Bring your ideas and creative spirit. Librarian Sherri will be handing out a special award to the participant who has read the most pages so far!