Brownsville Community Library

07032015 Bike Rodeo

Kids who read, ride safely
07032015 Bike Rodeo
Bike Rodeo Reading Program

Kids who Read, Ride Safely!

Despite the heat wave on Friday, 49 participants biked, scooted or walked to the Library and learned about Bike Safety. Coordinator Sarah Glenn had invited Teacher Chandra to read for us on opening day. Teacher Chandra opened the event by reading Duck on a Bike by David Shannon and The Fire Station by Robert Munsch. Don Andrews then explained the why it is important that our bike helmets fit and are worn properly. Afterward, we had a parade of bicycles down the Menefee Path to Park Street. Past Bike Rodeo participant Celia Lemhouse had drawn out an obstacle course to test bike skills. Kids of all ages completed the obstacle course beautifully. New Library Advisory Board Member Kristin Whitehead helped guide participants through the course. Fire Chief Kevin Rogers and 2 volunteer fire fighters helped us spray the fire hose on this scorching day, it sure felt refreshing. Dr. Kirt Glenn provided refreshing popsicles and cool water. Next week Ms. Thea will talk about the craft possibilities with recycling items from home. Sweet Home Sanitation Service may bring a guest garbage truck to make an appearance!

In the afternoon, Ms. DeEtte Ealy opened the Youth portion of the Summer Reading Program by introducing Tegan and Joey Running. Miss T and Mom Joey presented Beekeeping 101. Topics covered included how to set up a Hive, brood boxes, honey supers and the 21-day egg to bee cycle were explored. 16 attendees were treated to a honey taste test and were provided guidelines on how to identify raw, pure honey. Next week Ms. DeEtte will also talk about why recycling is important. Our community, like thousands of others across America, is running out of sanitary landfill space. On a national and global scale, society as a whole is consuming valuable natural resources, some of which are non-renewable.

The Summer Reading Program is brought to you by the Brownsville Community Library, a Ready To Read Grant from the State of Oregon and local groups like the Friends of the Library and the Brownsville Women’s Study Club. Without your support our library and future readers would not be as successful