Brownsville Community Library

Summer Reading Program!

Fridays of July for Ages Pre-K - 9

This program is geared for younger children through age 9. Story time with a craft!

Every Hero has a Story!

July 3

Bike Rodeo and local Heroes—Brownsville Fire Department! Helmet Safety with Don Andrews… Bring your bike and your helmet! A Bike rodeo is an event which provides an opportunity for bicyclists to practice and develop skills that will help them to become better bicyclists. Bonus: spray the hose from the fire truck and enjoy a popsicle!

July 10



Recycling with Miss Thea and Sweet Home Sanitation…why recycling is important--Our community, like thousands of others across America, is running out of sanitary landfill space. On a national and global scale, society as a whole is consuming valuable natural resources, some of which are non-renewable. Let’s view the garbage truck too…it will be clean (I hope!) Let’s craft using recycled items!

July 17

AG in the Classroom with Teacher Carolyn …what is the buzz about bees? Learn about the amazing and complex life of bees, how they help pollinate plants, and how honey is collected by beekeepers for us to eat. Bees play an important role in agriculture and we often don't recognize the impact that pollinators have on the food that we consume. This lesson teaches students about cross-pollination and the roles of bees within the hive

July 24

OUTSIDE INITIATIVES…Horses are heroes too!

Mini horse camp visits the library. Groundwork and horse education develops confidence, leadership, compassion and communication skills which are transferred to other life aspects. Our work promotes compassionate understanding of  the true value horses have in the lives of humanity 

July 31

HEROES, HEROINES, AND--MOSTLY--HAPPY ENDINGSAward-winning theatre artist, Christopher Leebrick, has enthralled audiences with his remarkable storytelling ability since he was just thirteen years old. Since 1975, he has shared stories from coast to coast at festivals, theatres, conference halls, schools, libraries, and churches.