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Early Literacy Connection

Early Literacy Connection

Brownsville Community Library

Story Time Early Literacy Connection



Books you may enjoy sharing:

Farmer Duck/Martin Waddell                         Goodbye, Geeseby/Nancy White Carlstrom

Louie’s Goose/ H. M. Ehrlich                         The Story About Ping/Marjorie Flack

The Seals on the Bus/Michael Hague               A Summer Saturday Morning/Margaret Mahy

Make Way for Ducklings/Robert McCloskey   Little Bo-peep and other Favorites/Allen Atkinson

My very first Mother Goose/Iona Opie           Goose Goofs Off/Jacquelyn Reinach

Truck Duck/Michael Rex                                Catching the Wind/Joanne Ryder

The Little Green Goose/Adele Sansone          The Goose That Almost Got Cooked/Marc Simont

Have You Seen My Duckling?/Nancy Tafuri   Farmer Duck/Martin Waddell

It’s Quacking Time!/Martin Waddell               Nursery Rhymes/ Brian Wildsmith

The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!/Mo Willems     The Pegeon Finds a Hot Dog!/Mo Willems

Rubber Duck/Dana Meachen Rau                  Who Grows Up on the Farm?/Theresa Longnecker

Ducks Don’t Get Wet/Augusta R. Goldin      Ducks and Their Ducklings/ Margaret Hall

Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective/Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Curious George and the Dump Truck/ Margret & H.A. Rey

The New Adventures of Mother Goose/Bruce Lansky

Early Literacy Extras:

Talk about the word “Duckling” sound out the different parts of the word “duck-ling” – say them separately and then together again, first slowly and then faster. Clap once for each syllable of the word. Do the same thing with words like “gosling, chicken, rooster.”

Help your child think of words that rhyme with “goose” like “moose, juice, caboose, loose,” – make up silly rhymes with these words. Try rhyming “chick” too!

Help your child think of words that start with the “G”- “Guh” sound as in goose (give, gate, gift, guitar, gorilla, goat, garbage) and the “D”- “Duh” sound as in duck (dog,dinner, daddy, doll, dig, dinosaur, dish, dime, door, dump)

Help your child think of other names for baby animals (colt, calf, kitten, puppy, piglet, fawn, eaglet, owlet, kid, tadpole, kit, joey, cub, pinkie, lamb, spiderling). Learning these names is a great way to expand your child’s vocabulary!

Try this website for a wonderful list of animal parents and babies.

Make a matching game! – Match pictures of animal parents and their babies. Here are some ready-made games to print out

Very young children are fascinated by books featuring infants, baby animals, and facial expressions. However, it isn't really the book that builds early literacy skills, it’s how the book is used. Be enthusiastic and get your child involved when reading books together. You will both enjoy this special time you share together!

Because songs automatically break down words into smaller sounds through tones, singing with your child is one of the best ways develop early literacy skills.

Songs and rhymes will also help your child to identify patterns, like rhyming words, which will help them learn to read. Try these rhymes

Five Little Ducks                                           Mr. Duck and Mr. Goose

5 little ducks went out one day                         Mr. Duck went out to walk (hold up thumb)

(hold up 5 fingers)                                 One day in pleasant weather

Over the hills and far away,                              He met Mr. Goose along the way         

(hold up other thumb)                                     (arc hand up and over – shade eyes)

Mother (or Father)duck called                          And there they talked together

quack quack quack                                                     (hold thumbs next to each other)

(clap hands like a duck’s beak)               Honk, Honk, Honk           (wiggle one thumb)

And 4 little ducks came waddling back.            Quack, quack, quack           (wiggle other thumb)

(hold up 4 fingers)                                 Good bye!    (wiggle one thumb)

Repeat with                                                      Good bye!    (wiggle other thumb)

...4 little ducks went out one day ...                   And they both walked back 

(hide thumbs behind back)

Thanks to Perry County Library for these helpful hints!